Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Hey fambam! What a ride of a week. I´ll start with the least important to the spiritual.

The strike of the municipalidad and trash collectors finally ended. Yay! 

Quick questions: What´s the population of Las Vegas? of the USA? of Chile? thanks!

This week as we spent each morning deep cleaning the room of our ''baptismal font'' I felt like I was just back home working with Dad. Who would have thought that all those Saturday mornings doing rental-property work were training me to me able to plaster walls and clean the yard of this house-chapel we have here in Yumbel. It made me think of all those weekends when we would always just bust out the to-do list and work most of the day Saturday. Mum and Dad, you two really are hard workers. Thanks for teaching me that habit. We worked crazy hard in the mornings (it was A LOT to clean up) and then even harder in the afternoons to find more people to teach so that we don't enter December with no investigators. 

Finally the moment came, and Suellen was baptized Saturday evening. It was a great little service and the Spirit was strong. The next morning, we got a gut-wrenching phone call that she wouldn´t be coming to the confirmation in church. We still haven´t been able to figure out what happened, but hopefully I´ll have an update for you next week. So we had a half-baptism, since it´s not valid until she receives the gift of the Holy Ghost (John 3:5). It was an extremely difficult and frustrating way to end our week, but we'll sort things out. One of the adding difficulties is that this weekend is stake conference, so she technically can't be confirmed this week either. Bleh. We'll see what happens. 

All I can really say is that God lives. He loves us. He will help us be happy if we allow Him into our lives. But He can't enter by Himself. He can't answer our questions if we don't ask Him for a response. Faith is a principle of action--if we don't act, it fades until there is none left. But we can always rekindle it. Despite Satan's annoyingly powerful constant attacks, God will ALWAYS win. Of that I am sure.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love you!

Elder Long :)

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