Monday, December 16, 2013

It's going to be a white Christmas in Chile!

Hey fambam! What a week. We're working like crazy to help each companionship be able to baptize at least one person this month, and Satan is certainly working overtime. He's incredibly sly. But God always wins, so we know where to place our trust. It's just exhausting haha.
As far as Skype, my Pday will be the 25th, so I think we can do the 9am Vegas (2pm Chile) time. Let's plan on that. That also means that I won't have pday next monday, so don't worry about getting an email until Christmas. Wow. December is flying by!
Great news: our wonderful investigator Isabel quit smoking!!! She's been a smoker for who knows how long, but with the help of her loving Heavenly Father, she has now officially been a nonsmoker for nearly two full weeks! She's awesome! Last night we had a powerful lesson with her and we're really trying to help her get baptized either this week or the next. She's rather indecisive despite having a vision/dream in the which God showed her that she needs to get baptized....haha but I know she'll do it. She's soooo ready for it!
Yesterday we had our primary program, and it made me feel so proud of Dad for always being so ''capo'' (awesome) with all the microphones and whatnot. We sure could have used his help down here haha. But it was a cute program with all the little Chilean kids. The Hacienda Heights ward really is such an incredible ward with all the fantastic leaders that work so hard to fulfill their callings!
Dad, I'm so proud of all you're doing to spread the gospel! Keep it up! I'm so curious what's it like for you two to be ward missionaries! What is your calling like? Are you accompanying the full-time missionaries to lessons each week? I highly recommend it! In Yumbel, each time our relief society president was having a rough time with her flower business, she would accompany us to a few lessons. The next day she would sell ALL of her flowers before lunch time ;)
I end my mission in exactly 6 months tomomrow, so I want to extend a challenge to my dear family. If you read just two chapters a day in the Book of Mormon, you'll finish the entire thing in 6 months (slightly less, actually). I know how difficult family reading was when I was there, but now you have the help of an awesome RM Brittany who can help motivate the family. Maybe reading in the mornings would be more practical rather than the evenings. You decide, but my challenge is extended! I'll be reading it in Spanish again, so it will be cool to finish it one last time right before I end the mission.
My beloved trainer Elder Torres ends his mission in a month, and I saw him for the last time this week during a conference. I'm so grateful for the outstanding example he has given me during the mission. A life lesson to be learned during these two years is the power of an example. It's so much easier to say ''Come, follow. Do what I do'' than to preach at someone else without doing what you say. I've learned that lectures and speeches really don't always do much, but a good example is what truly inspires. Dad and Grampsir are great at giving long speeches, but they are even better at teaching by example. And for that I am so grateful. The greatest example of all was our dear Savior Jesus Christ. He doesn't just give us a list of do's and don'ts and expects us to be perfect; rather, He showed us the way and invites us to follow and do as He has done. I'm so grateful for the birth, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Redeemer. I know He lives and loves us, and I hope we all take advantage of this special time of year to help others come unto Christ. 

Have a wonderful week! Love you!
Elder Long :)

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