Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nov. 3, 2013

Hey fambam! It´s a beautiful HOT Chilean day! We had a random really strong rainstorm during the week, and pretty much every Chilean is agreed that that was the last rain of the season. So look out summer heat, here we come! I´m already back to using my hat so my poor bald head doesn´t fry...ha. Meh. 

Sounds like you had a great week! My big halloween adventure was getting to do an exchange with my trainer Elder Torres, who has been one of the mission's APs for the last 7 months. He´s a great young man who has become a fantastic missionary. He ends his mission in January. There were a few kids that went trick or treating, but the best I could offer them as a poor missionary was my dirty socks. They kindly said, ''No thank you Elder.''

Random Chilean news: Stinkin EVERYTHING is in strike. It started with the mail, then the trash, then the government buildings, and next will probably be the power and water....ha. We´ll see. But it sure keeps things interesting!

Trina, thanks so much for sending me the testimony of the girl from your ward (Miss Nevada). It was such a great read and spiritual boost. Love you!

We had a rough week as far as teaching. A lot of our investigators decided they didn´t want any more. Even our best investigator who was soooo set on getting baptized this 23 of November decided that he wanted to stay Catholic as soon as he moved in with his girlfriend. It was definitely a heart-wrenching afternoon to watch Satan pull him away from the truth. But I definitely realized that my desire to help these people is a legitamate desire and not just me going through the motions. I´m not satisfied with just inviting people to come unto Christ. I want them to actually accept the invitation so that they can receive the forgiveness of their sins through baptism and live worthy of the gift of the Holy Ghost. It´s so much more than just a nice little message about God. I know that what we teach is the truth, and EVERY person needs to not just hear our message, but accept it and apply it to their lives. Christ lives and loves us, and only through Him can we be free from sin. I know it to be true, and I do my best to not get tired of saying it over and over to people that don´t always want to listen. 

Keep working hard in your callings. The Lord is so grateful and pleased when we do our best to serve Him and His children. I sure love you!

Elder Long :)

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