Thursday, November 21, 2013

Letter home November 18, 2013

Hey fam bam,

Thanks for the emails! It´s always great to hear from you. Trina, give Tom a big hug on my part. He probably doesn´t know how much I´ve always looked up to him and your sons. 

Quick question mum: Do you have any more information about the trip to Peru next summer?? When will it be? Can you send me a list of medical vocab I can learn to be prepared? Thanks!

This week was quite the crazy week!!! I had conferences with President Martinez, trips to the hospital until 1:30am, found out that I´ll be coming home sooner than planned, and had some unforgettable exchanges. Caught your attention? haha. One of the biggest bits of news is that since I´ll be ending my mission the same transfer as President Martinez, our mission has been cut a month shorter than normal to accomodate a few scheduling things. So yeah, I´ll be ending my mission June 17th! Crazy. 

As far as the hospital trip, I only have time to give a brief summary. Very simply, I chose to do a sudden exchange with the missionaries in my district that live in Los Angeles. We had a good day, but as we were leaving our last house, we noticed a group of people gathered around a girl on the ground in the street. I figured she had passed out, but I went to go see if all was well. Turns out that the girl on the ground was one of our sister missionaries that had fallen and seemingly broken her foot. After a series of events, we were at last leaving the hospital at 1am and got to bed around 2am. Ha. It was actually a really fun adventure, though. The stake patriarch was he who gave us a ride in his car, so he waited with us the entire night despite it being his 63rd birthday. Sweet guy. The good news is that Sister Huaytalla didn´t break her leg, just sprained it really good. I´ll be sending a letter to Corey with a more detailed version of the story if you want to bug her about it haha. One thing I sure learned was that my desire to study medicine was more solidified. I hated not being able to help much more than make executive decisions and pay the bill. But all turned out well. 

While we were at the hospital, someone was rushed in on a stretcher having maybe suffered a heart attack or car crash. Couldn´t really tell. After a few minutes, the doctor came out to give the news to the family. Their cries and grief were truly saddening, and I couldn´t help but wish that I could just sit them down right then and there to teach them about the marvelous Plan of Salvation that God created for us so that we can all live together again. It sure got me thinking about how grateful I am for the knowledge that comes from the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. He sure loves us and has done everything for us so that we can be happy. It´s just up to us to open the door to the missionaries and open our heart to the Spirit so that we can know the truth for ourselves. I know that the Lord lives and really does guide His only true prophet Thomas S Monson. I know that the Plan of Salvation is real and that we can live with God, Christ, and our families together forever if we repent, are baptized, and obey God´s commandments. It´s worth it. I´m so glad that our sweet invesigator Suellen has learned of that truth for herself and has decided to be baptized this weekend. Giant miracle for Yumbel!!! Wahoo!!! I´ll send pics next week after the baptism. Have a wonderful week! Love you!

Elder Long :)

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