Monday, November 11, 2013

16 months in the mission!

Hey fambam!

Can you believe that today I complete 16 months in the mission? Ooooo. Crazy. I still feel like I´m pretty young in the mission and still learning everyday...ha. 

Well it was an interesting week full of a LOT of traveling! I had to travel to Los Angeles everyday this week--very expensive on my tiny little wallet! But it was worth it, because all the divisions and exchanges I did with the missionaries in my zone and district really helped. We started off the week with only 8 people with baptismal dates, and we ended the week with 16. My district is progressing despite several challenges this week. The first weird difficutly was that someone entered the chapel during our zone meeting and stole a bunch of wallets, IDs, cameras, cellphones, etc while we were in another room. bleh. Last night, two of the sister missionaries whose cellphone was stolen then went missing. Despite never being home late, they were nearly two hours late for curfew. We had no way to contact them without their phone and noone knew where they were. Needless to say, we were extreeeeeemmmeeeellly worried. After much, much fervent prayer, they showed up to their house having ''lost track of time''......Ha. So we were grateful that our prayers were answered, but I know President Martinez wasn't very happy about the scare they gave us. 

Yesterday in church, we had a decent little attendance of 30 people. As soon as it ended, despite our efforts to help people stay for the classes, only 3 members remained with us 4 missionaries. Even our branch president had to leave early to attend a meeting with Elder Jeffrey R Holland in Concepción. (fun fact: the Concepción temple ground-breaking ceremony will be in these next few months. Finally!!!) I got myself to thinking about how hard we are working to help this little branch in Yumbel grow and strengthen itself. Only three members at church is not enough considering the potential of this little town. We've formed plans and taken action to help the members of the LDS church become active in the Lord's missionary work, and I can't wait to come back in 20 years to find the large WARD of yumbel in their filled CHAPEL. What a blessing it is to serve the Lord. I know He lives, and I know that His work will continue moving foward until it fills the earth.

 Have a wonderful week. Love you!
Elder Long :)

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