Monday, October 21, 2013

Letter home October 21, 2013

Hey fam bam! First I want to send a big thanks to Grandma Lenna for sending me a package! We´ve been enjoying the snackage! Other big news, we´re having cambios (transfers) tomorrow. I´m staying here in Yumbel and will receive Elder Murphy who has about 6 months in the mission. Elder Ballesteros will go further south to Maquehue. Elder McOmie (my roommate) is being transfered to another sector in my same zone, and Elder Miller´s new companion is Elder Ramos (Argentina) who is also staying within the zone (coming from Laja). I´m excited, because I have good hopes for Elder Murphy. This will be his second sector. Also, just a fun FYI, my son Elder París will be training! He´s so capo (awesome).

That´s fun to hear that you guys finally got one of those ATV truck things. I´ve only ALWAYS wanted one....haha. Be sure that it´s still there by the time I get home!

Trina asked me about Halloween in Chile. They definitely don´t celebrate it how we do in the States, nor is it anything similar to Día de Muerte in Mexico. They put up a few decorations and call it good. Same for Christmas. Haha lame!

How random that Deanne and Lorinda went to China! How cool! Send me some pics when you can.

I have a ton of pictures to send, but I left my adapter at home and now can´t send any. Ha. Gwenk. Sorry! But next week I´ll send a bunch.

I just want to remind you about the invitation from one of the Lord´s chosen apostles to TALK TO AT LEAST ONE PERSON ABOUT THE GOSPEL BY CHRISTMAS. You have about a month. Sounds like Dad has been doing great with several coworkers. Good luck to Lacey who lives in Happy Valley...ha. But I want to state that I have experienced the joy that comes from helping others learn more about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it´s all true. Simple as that. The Lord lives and loves us. What a marvelous truth. He has given us so much. What will you give Him for Christmas? Have a wonderful week!

Much Love,
Elder Long :)

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