Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Letter 8/26/13

Hey fam bam! It's still so weird to think that Brittany is now home! She's in my prayers each night to help her adjust to regular life, but I actually imagine she's adjusting just fine. She always was able to calmly transition between new schools or new schedules.

I have some fun news! I made it nearly 14 months in the mission without a single problem with the bajillions of wild dogs that rule the Chilean streets. All the companions I've had are afraid of the dogs, but I always just whistled at them in a friendly way and they wagged their tails. Hooooowwweevvverrrr..... A few nights ago a dog snuck up behind me in stealth mode and took a nice nibble at my leg. I'm still not sure why it bit me--I saw it on the other side of the street, turned around to keep walking, and NOM NOM NOM! Oh well. He must have been a hungry little feller.

We also have fun adventures handwashing our clothes since we don't have a mamita to help us out. The mission can't afford to buy us a washer nor dryer (they are still new luxeries here in Chile), so we hand wash our clothes. I couldn't take pictures because of our garments, but I'm sure you can google image what it looks like to hand wash clothes...haha.

I've always felt like Heavenly Father has a good sense of humor considering how big of a goofball President Monson is, and what a blessing it is that we can laugh while still being spiritually edified. But sometimes I feel like it's a rather dry sense of humor. Let me explain: My entire life one of my biggest petpeeves has been tardiness. Punctuality for me is exceedingy important. I thought it was ridiculous that mormons are always 15 minutes late for everything, but Chileans are usually 80 minutes late for everything. Haha so the Lord either wants me to learn patience or wants to teach me that I shouldn't worry so much about time, but either way it still makes me marvel. Sometimes I thought it was difficult to wake up Lacey for seminary; psh, try waking up a Chilean for church!  All jokes aside, I do love the people. We just have very different cultural norms. 

Our branch president said something interesting in his talk this week that got me thinking. He described that the bone taken from Adam to create Eve wasn't taken from his head so that he would be over his wife, nor was the bone taken from his foot as if she ruled over him. It was taken from his side, as to show us that we are to be a team, side by side, and always work with equality.

Heavenly Father lives and loves us, even when we don't return the favor. Christ suffered and died for us even though we don't repent. And the judgement will come even if we aren't prepared. Why not take advantage of our short time in mortality and simply be obedient to our Creator? Have a wonderful week! Love you!
Elder Long :)

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