Thursday, August 8, 2013

July 20, 2013

Family! You're all off having such fun adventures in Belize and playing with the aunts in Utah. Jealous!!! Thanks for the fun descriptions and photos. I would LOOOOVVEEEE to do a trip like that next year and accompany you!!! Great idea Dad :D  Mum, you look so tan! And Dad, you look good in those scrubs!
I don't have a lot to update this week except for cambios. After five months in beloved Curanilahue, I'm being transfered to Yumbel (a bit further north). I'll be serving with Elder Ballesteros from Cartagena, Colombia. He speaks with suuuuccchhh a thick accent! Haha it's so fun. I'll have pictures next week (trasfers are tomorrow). It's sad to be leaving Chue, but it will be good for someone new to come in to the sector with fresh new ideas--us four missionaries have been together for four months. We've had an absolute blast and we're sad to be parting, but we certainly plan on staying in contact. Elder Kohler is being transfered to Renaico for his last two transfers and then he heads home to Utah! My son Elder París is going to be the new district leader here in Chue and I'll remain district leader but in Yumbel. I don't know anything about Yumbel except that it's small and full of Catholics with an obsession for San Sabastian, but I'm planning on having a blast there with lots of success and fun times with my companion.
This past week was a long-lasting trial until finally Friday night we caught a break. Our investigator Ana accepted the invitation to be baptized in August. I'm bummed I won't be here, but I'm so glad I got to see the miracle of her changing her life. She was a chain smoker until we gave her a blessing a month ago, and through God's holy priesthood power she quit smoking that same day. Never again. Woo! Then finally Saturday night we had an excellent lesson with a new young married couple we found. I felt such an intense love for these two people whom I had never before met. It was strange, but I knew it's because the Lord guided us to their house. The wife is 8 months pregnant and the husband's father and brother died a few years ago, and they need the gospel. I'm so glad I was able to be an instrument in the Lord's hands to find them and bring His children back to Him.

I testify that the Lord will place us where He knows we need to be. We don't always understand why, but He does. If we can trust in Him and humbly be obedient, He will guide us just as He has done since the formation of the earth. Have a wonderful week! Love you!
ELder Long :)

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