Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tanner is transferred

This is a super sweet letter from a lady in the ward where Tanner has been serving for the past 6 months. He started his mission here and the ward has grown to love him. He is being transferred but we still haven't heard from him yet.

Dear Sister Long,

First, your son asked me to tell you that the Preparation Day has been changed till next Friday, so please wait for his mail :)

Elder Long came today with two other Elders... He came to say Good Bye... right now all I have is tears :) but I'm so happy because my family had the opportunity to meet someone like Elder Long... he is SO great... you know it...

All I can say is "thanks" to you, to your family for raise such a wonderful young man. He has became a giant, he has such a powerful testimony and he had so beatiful words for us.

I'm also thankful for this last opportunity to tell you something about your son.

We told him that he has a home here in Chile if he wants to come back someday. He'll always have a family here and a safe place to stay.

Receive a huge hug from us and please tell your family that Elder Long has left a legacy of love and an incredible example of a sweet young man who loves is family, because when he talks about you, about his siblings you can see and feel how much he misses all his family but he knows that he's in the right place as a missionary. 
Hugs again...

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