Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18,2013 letter

Hello all! Today I spent a lot of my email time writing people back
individually, so my larger email will be pretty short. But that磗 ok,
not too much happened this week. In fact, we only worked in our sector
two days because we had mission conferences and intercambios several
days this week. It was chill, but our numbers are aching and my
scriptures are sore to have some new investigators to teach!

Mum, thanks for the update on Cameron! I miss that guy! Cameron, if
you磖e reading this, shoot me an email or write me a letter please!
Also, I want to apologize for being such a loser of a roommate at BYU.
I磛e been reminded that I磎 definitely not too easy to live with, so
thanks so much for putting up with me! You磀 be proud of me that I
even didn磘 make my bed twice this week...hahaha. I sure love you,
Cameron. In a completely straight bromance kind of way.... haha ;)
Miss you bro.

Mum, I also have another question for you! During our mission
conference last week, we had a visitor--an RM that served here about a
year ago. He and I chatted, and it turns out that his mum also served
at the same time as you in B骻ota and was one of the sister
missionaries that helped open the Barranquilla mission in Colombia.
Maybe you knew her?? Her name is Gloria Guevara. Just curious!

Fun fact of the week: People belive me when I tell them that I磎
training my companion Elder Pond. He磗 not too happy about it
though--he磗 been in the mission for 19 months...haha :P

This week I had a very sweet experience as I practiced a hymn with
some other missionaries to sing during our conference. It was a
beautiful arrangement of 创I Know that my Redeemer Lives.创 As I sang,
the Spirit touched me so strongly that I had no more air to sing with.
I was singing my testimony. I truly know that my Redeemer lives. I can
never deny it. I also had an intense longing to be next to my dad
singing in our ward choir together. Honestly, we didn磘 get to do it
too often because I was away at school, but when we did, I absolutely
loved it. What a simple way to praise our Lord through song. Not to
mention I got to spend quality time with my wonderful dad. I actually
felt a bit trunky because I missed him so much while we sang. It made
me think:

I loved my dad immensely, but I still chose to leave for a time
because I knew it was what I needed to do and what he wanted me to do.
I miss him dearly and so long to be with him, and my love and
appreciation for him as grown immeasurably. I so look forward to the
day when I磍l be able to come home and embrace him with a giant hug
and rejoice in the accomplishments I couldn磘 have done without his
help. Even though during this time away from home I can磘 be with him
physically, I can feel his love for me and I know that he磗 doing
everything in his power to help me learn, grow, and be successful. I
look forward to being with him again after this short time away from
home, and I磎 going to do everything in my power to return with honor
and make my father proud of me.

Now re-read that paragraph, but apply it not only to my earthly dad,
Larry, but to my Heavenly Father. I had that sweet revelation while
singing a simple, yet powerful hymn. I know that He lives. I know that
He磗 watching over me. And I磎 going to do everything I can to return
to live with Him again.

Have a wonderful week! Love you!

Elder Long :)

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