Monday, March 11, 2013

Tanner is transferred to Curanilahue, Chile

Hey Mum and Dad,

So sorry I wasn´t able to write last week! The mission field has been INSANE lately with all these huge changes. It´s pretty cool to be a part of the revolutionary front to spread the message of Christ´s restored gospel in these latter days. On Tuesday I was transfered to Curanilahue, Chile (near Lebu), and my new companion is Elder Tapia from Mexico. Thursday evening we took a bus to Cañete, stayed the night, and took another early morning bus to get to Renaico for a mission-wide activity. It was a fun day, we received big news of new missions, mission zone changes, new missionaries, etc and then spent a few hours playing soccer, volleyball, AMERICAN football, etc. We had a lot of fun! Here´s where the story gets interesting: our zone of 17 missionaries took a bus back to Cañete, where we were then stranded without money. For some reason the money for the new month had not been transfered to our accounts, and we had no way to get home. Luckily we were able to spend the night in our zone leaders house (all 14 of us minus the sister missionaries), but we of coursed missed the opportunity to get to email home. We had a lot of fun with so many missionaries in a small Chilean house, but the power outages and lack of ANY money was slightly concerning....haha. But we´re alive! No worries ;) Only a few sore bones from sleeping on the cold wooden floor for two nights. Fun stories of living in Chile, eh?

Unfortunately I don´t have time to give all the details, but maybe someday soon. As far as other news, my old roommate and MTC buddy Elder Townsend got called as a new AP (Assistant to the President)! He has the same time in the mission as me, so it took EVERYONE by surprise, including the president himself haha. The Lord sure directs our mission and must have a wise purpose in mind. Elder Townsend sure was wigging out, but I have complete confidence in him. I know the Lord has a great plan to work here.

Bleh, I´m already out of time, but have a wonderful week! Love you! Thanks sooooooo much for all the emails!

Elder Long :)

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