Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Letter 4/14/14

My dear fambam!

I never cease to be amazed how small the world can be sometimes. A while back I told you about a missionary I met in Yumbel that had also dated the same girl as I did while at BYU. Now I have a companion who is also from Vegas--but that's not what's so funny. We of course talked a bit about who we know and it turns out he attended seminary with Corey Tyndall hahaha. He's also friends with my childhood buddy Riley Hodson! Smmmaaalllll world. 

I'm actually in a trio with Elder Dudley (Vegas) and Elder Gonzalez (Colombia). There's actually a Chilean saying that something can be ''less likely than Mormons walking in three'' (equivalent to ''when pigs fly''). So we definitely scare a lot of people...haha. What's great though is that we spend all day everyday just laughing while we work. We've had a great time together. When people ask why we are a trio we just respond by naming other great trios: The Godhead. The 3 Nephites. The 3 Musketeers. Etc. Honestly I think we're more like the 3 stooges sometimes but I love these guys to death. Btw my comma key doesn't work...haha. 

We're living in a house with nine missionaries and only one shower so that's been quite the adventure. Normally it is only 4 but some other missionaries are still looking for a house to move in to. It's crazy but also pretty fun at times. 

Weirdness alert: I certainly do my best to stay focused on the work and not worry/think about how much time I have left in the mission but every week someone reminds me in some way or another. I played piano for the sacrament meeting and the afterward a member came to ask if I would play for their choir program at the end of June. I said I'd love to but had to decline because I won't be in Chile at the end of June...haha. Good thing Elder ''Studley'' taught himself to play piano while in the mission.

This week we met an elderly lady that said something wonderful. She described many of her life's hardships including how her son had died as a child. She then told us that she feels that she's had a great life. Why? In her sweet humble words she said ''I've had a great life because I've cried a lot and I've laughed a lot.'' Her humble and happy attitude towards life's difficulties helped me to remember why we are here and what makes a good life great. Happiness isn't having no problems at all but rather enjoying the bad with the good. Elder Bednar expressed it much better in his Conference talk.

I love the Lord and I'm so grateful that He allows us to pass through difficulties so that we can learn and progress spiritually. He is soooo wise and soooo merciful. I'm so glad and grateful for the opportunity I've had to dedicate two small years to His service. Have a wonderful week. Love you!

Elder Long :)

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