Monday, April 7, 2014

April Fool's letter

Hey fambam!

What a week. The rainy season has officially started. On Friday it poured AAALLLLL day and night! To get home we had to cross a river that formed in our street. So much for no swimming as missionaries...haha. That actually comes with a cool story:

Friday morning Elder Douglas and I did an exchange to go help a family move houses. The moving truck was supposed to arrive around noon, but we had been waiting for nearly two hours and it still hadn't showed up. We invited the family to join us in prayer, and I decided to ask very specifically that the truck would arrive in the next five minutes. Take a wild guess how long before the truck showed up... Exactly 4 mins and 30 seconds. Elder Douglas timed it. Ha. So it was certainly worth taking a risk of being so specific, because God answers specific prayers when they are righteous and align with His will. So it was a great opportunity that God showed His power to this inactive family. He also saved us from some rather dangerous attempts to move large wardrobes in the pouring rain... Fun adventure!

To change themes rapidly, Lacey and Mum thank you both so much for all you're doing to help with my BYU schedule and whatnot! That's been a nightmare for so many missionaries lately and I'm sooo grateful that I have wonderful family that does it for me so I can stay focused on the Lord's work! Another missionary reminded me about taking a Spanish 321 class in the which I can take the test and get 16 credits already. Or something like that. Also, sign me up for Irish dancing! Shoot, we watched Ephraim's Rescue (new LDS movie) as a ward activity and it made me want to learn to Irish dance!! hahaha plus we need to rep our heritage ;)

Yesterday we had our mission leadership council meeting and President Martinez surprised us with a special treat. We skyped our future mission President Bluth and his wife! They'll be replacing the Martinez family in June. It was so great to meet them and speak with them. I could feel such an overwhelming love emminate from the both of them. I wish I could stay in the mission longer and work with them, but I'll be leaving just two weeks before they arrive.

Elder Cruz and I have been working like crazy to find new investigators that will progress. When we finally enter into a house, we teach, set a second appointment, and never again see those people. It's been difficult that no one seems to be truly interested or willing to set apart time to learn about Christ, but we keep pressing on. I'm excited to learn about the great success of the missionaries in my home ward, and I'm so proud of you for all you're doing to help. I've realized that it was after I had worked until my legs gave out and I fell to my knees that the Lord lifted me up and gave me strength to carry on. 

I'm sooo excited about General Conference and want to remind you to invite a friend to accompany you to a session! What a great opportunity to help someone else listen to the voice of God's living prophet. The apostles have said that what we get out of the Conference doesn't depend on the preparation of the speakers, but rather our own personal preparation. So think of a question to which you'd like an answer, and I know that God will inspire His chosen prophet and apostles to answer that question. It always works for me. 

I sure love you. Have a fantastic week and enjoy the warm weather!!!

Elder Long :)

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