Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Letter home March 10, 2014

Dear fambam! How crazy is it that tomorrow I complete 20 months in the mission. Yeash. Time flies by waayyy too fast in the mission. I still have too much to do! But my assignment and the need to find new investigators helps me stay focused. Being in charge of 28 missionaries and 14 sectors keeps us pretty busy...ha. 

However, I have to ask the inevitable questions. Mum, do you know anything about if I need a renewed eclestiastical endorsement for BYU? When and how can I register for classes? It's an odd feeling being excited to go back yet not wanting to have to do any of that while I'm in the mission still...

This week was certainly a trial of a week. There was something going wrong in some part of our zone every day...haha it was an adventure trying to get all to work out. Especially because I often feel so inadequate. The verse in Ether 12:27 is so true that God will show us our weakness. The grand tender mercy is that He also helps us overcome them somehow. I'm not a missionary that can have 17 investigators in church every week like the studs in Vegas, but we sure work hard. In the end it's hard to accept that as long as we worked diligently we fulfilled our missionary purpose, but that doesn't take away the feeling of wanting to see the results. People often marvel that we work nonstop from 11am until 10pm preaching the Gospel, but that's nothing compared to Satan's efforts. We started teaching a FANTASTIC young woman about the gospel, she accepted a baptism date, and then immediately received a new job that makes it nearly impossible for her to meet with us nor attend church. Whether or not it was Satan's handywork, it sure works to his benefit.

But we also had some spiritual highs this week. Tuesday we had a mission conference in the which we had two special guests. No one would tell us who they were, but there they sat quietly listening and smiling. President Martinez eventually took his time to speak and showed us the picture of his baptism when he was a teenage convert. He invited up ''Mike'' and ''Edgar,'' the two missionaries that had baptized him some 20 years ago. We were all crying our eyes out. He thanked them and gave them time to speak to us. The Spirit of God testified soooo strongly to my heart that their stories were true. What an AMAZING blessing that they could come participate in a mission conference of their young teenage convert that later served a mission, married in the temple, served as bishop, and is now serving as a mission president. No one knew whom that young boy would become. I had in my backpack the letter that Jairo (mum's convert) had sent me. I gave it to President Martinez, and he read it to all the missionaries. It was simply another testament to all of us that the results of the mission aren't seen now nor even in five years. The GENERATIONS of people effected by this mission are so much more valuable than anything I could have ever done at BYU or working back in the States. What a privilege and blessing to be a part of this great work. I love my Lord, and I testify that He lives. If we obey all the gospel principles taught in the Bible and Book of Mormon, we will be able to return to Him someday to live forever in His presence. I know it's true.
Elder Long :)

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