Sunday, March 30, 2014

Letter 3/24/14

Hey dear fambam!  I dreamed about you last night. I had been home from the mission about a week and was baking cookies with Lacey, and Dad came to ask why he hasn't been getting any of my newsfeeds on Facebook. I told him I still haven't gotten a phone nor used internet...nor did I really know how to do either haha. Apparantly my subconscious feels that I won't know how to use all the technology that's come out since I've been gone.

Funny stories for the week: Chilean work schedules are pretty much all the same, so the days are usually pretty dead until 8pm when people become available. We had several appointments at the same time and wouldn't be able to reach them all, so we decided to call to ''confirm'' our appointments. For those that haven't been in Chile for 20 months, when we call someone to confirm an appointment they always come up with an excuse to cancel. Haha so it ended up all working out...more or less. 
I also always find it super interesting that the days we decide to fast are the hottest days ever, and people suddenly want to offer us all kinds of fod and drinks that on any other day we never get. Temptation is silly sometimes. However, a small miracle was worked because of our decision to not eat the delicious-looking slices of pie a member gave us. We couldn't eat it, so we decided to bring it to our new neighbor as a gift and present ourselves. They didn't seem too friendly to the idea of living next to mormon missionaries, but when we told them we just wanted to give them pie and greet them, they let us in their home. We had a good conversation and got to know them a bit better. When we left the wife asked us to bless their new home. I call it a win.

Mum, another missionary told me that our turn to register is this next week. Or sometime super soon. You had offered to sign up for classes for me and that would be WONDERFUL because I don't want to take away important time to do it. I'm definitely leaning towards studying to become a physical therapist, so that can give you some ideas of what classes I'll need. Also, don't forget folk dance! If possible, I'd love to get into an ASL class too to practice with Lacey. Thanks so much! You da bestest!

As you've been able to sense, we've been struggling lately in our sector. We work as hard as we can but the Lord is trying us. It's been frustrating to say the least, especially with the pressure of having to set the bar for the rest of the zone, but we're trying our best to be patient and humble and let the Lord's will be done. Thus, amongst so many weeks of seemingly no progress in anything, the Lord let us have a small break. We did an exchange with the APs on Tuesday. One of the Ap's (Elder White) stayed with my companion Elder Cruz in our sector while Elder Tengberg (my old MTC comp) and I took the mission vehicle and toured the zone to assure baptisms in other sectors as well as try to help those that are close to baptism take the decision. Buscar milagros, como dijimos. I love Elder Tengberg to death, and it had to have been one of the best days of my entire mission. We saw miracles all day as we traveled and worked in other sectors. Plus he and I had tons of time to just talk and analyze our lives. It was fantastic. It was just the reboost that I needed to continue on this week.

I love the Lord so much. I still have a long way to go to get better at not complaining or doubting so much, but I'm so grateful for the Lord's patience with me. He's so merciful and sooo wise. I know that we can always trust in Him that He will ALWAYS do what's best for us. I know it. Have a wonderful week. Love you!

Elder Long :)

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