Monday, January 6, 2014

Letter December 30, 2013

Hey fambam! What a wonderful weekend we had! We had a bautizaso with four people being baptized and another four dressed in white to baptize them! What a wonderful white Christmas in this melting Chilean summer heat! Our investigator Isabel has been preparing herself to get baptized for a while now, and Friday night we had a miracle with her 13 yr old son Anibal who also decided he wanted to get baptized with her. In that same evening, his older sister who has now been learning from us for a week also decided she wants to get baptized January 4th (this weekend). Wahoo!!!!!! The other two baptisms this past weekend were a 39 yr old daughter of a member in our ward and a young awesome 24 yr old Jhonny from the ward that shares our building. It was a fantastic baptismal service and the Spirit was soooo strong! There were over 15 other invesigators (friends that Jhonny invited). 

We've worked verrrrrrrrryyyyy long and hard to finally have some baptisms, and it was just an additional blessing to see so many people make that step in their life all in the same day. What a wonderful gift they gave to their Savior for His birthday. It sure has been a long trial to find people that have been willing and diligent to progress in Christ's gospel, but the Lord has provided them a way to come unto Him, and He has given us missionaries the opportunity to participate in His miraculous and fulfilling Work of Salvation. I really was filled with an overwhelming joy and sense of fulfillment as we watched each person be submersed in the waters of baptism. I even had the blessing to confirm Anibal a member of the Church and bestow him the gift of the Holy Ghost. I've participated in that sacred ordinance before, but this was my first time pronouncing the prayer. 

The best news of all is that Isabel's husband, who has been supportive but hasn't wanted to participate, came to the baptism. Actually, Friday night we were able to have a great conversation with him because he sat down to participate in our lesson and we had a frank conversation about how he feels about his family getting baptized. He said he's happy for them and that one day he might follow along as well. As he watched his wife and son be baptized, tears filled his eyes. We've yet to have the chance to talk to him since the baptism, but I know he felt something special. 

We're also working with another family who's wife had a dream that she needs to get baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She's extremely excited and has brought her husband to church twice now. He's a busy man and hard to find, but he seems like he'll be an excellent leader.

In summary, we're working ourselves as hard as we can, and we are so grateful that the Lord has guided us to several wonderful families and allowed us to see success in their baptisms and spiritual progress. I sure love you, family, for being such a great example for others. We're not perfect either, but our family truly is unique and the Lord has big plans for each member of our family. Keep up the great work. Love you!

Elder Long :)

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