Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jan. 13, 2014

Hey fambam! Let me just start out by saying how filled I am with joy right now. One of the most gratifying things I could have ever seen was that both Mum and Dad´s emails started out with ''This week we did some good member missionary work...'' Wahooo!!!!! I'm so proud of you! That's TOTALLY what EVERY ward needs! Thanks for being the best parents I could ever have, and thanks for being such a great example to the rest of the members in the ward. I'm sure the missionaries really appreciate your help. And if they don't, send them down to Chile for a month...

Before the mission I loved to rock climb, ride four-wheelers, wakeboard, play football, snowboard, and just have fun trying to enjoy all of the healthy acitivities life has to offer. This week, however, I did one of the most dangerous things I have EVER done. In humble prayer, I told Heavenly Father that I was willing to be put into the flame. I want to learn and grow, and I know that the mission is the best place to do it in shorter periods of time. The heat started immediately. The first thing He did was put my humility to the test. I'll give more details another day, but suffice it to say that it's been a difficult week as a leader in the mission. The light at the end of the tunnel for me has been the promise in Doctrine and Covenants 58:2-4. Read it. It's good. The promise of many blessings after much tribulation was fulfilled much sooner than I thought as we so joyfully baptized our beloved investigators Dagna and Pablo. Dagna is the eldest daughter of Isabel, who was baptized at the end of December, and Pablo is another young man who has bravely turned his life around. What stalwart examples they are of young faith and trust put in their loving Heavenly Father.

These past six weeks have been incredible as Elder Bills and I have been put to the test over and over again, seen TONS of miracles, and been blessed with the privilege of helping four people come unto Christ through repentance and baptism. Elder Bills and I will be together for one transfer more, so we're excited to see the Lord's hand in this work this transfer.

I love the Lord. He's so merciful and forgiving for our mistakes and dumb choices. I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life and the marvelous opportunity to serve Him and His children for two whole years. What joy and satisfaction unlike any other is found in doing the Lord's will. Have a wonderful week! Keep up the great work!

Much love,

Elder Long :)

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