Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June 26, 2013

Hey fambam! Thanks so much for the uplifting emails and for all your prayers and fasting! All is well. Really. Poor mum's email to me made it sound like she's preparing for me to die tomorrow haha. It's just a fun experience to add to the list of stories to tell after the mission. I'm actually really looking forward to staying with President Martinez and his family for a few days--they really are wonderful. Sister Martinez has helped me feel my own mum's presence as she has accompanied me to all the doctor appointments and exams. You are very well represented, Mum. She even scares me with her driving too ;) hehehe love you!
Last month our zone barely had 4 baptisms. This month, we already have 12 including 8 baptisms this past Saturday, and we have 3 more planned for this coming weekend. Our goal and motto for this month has been ''17 Miracles,'' and they have indeed been incredible miracles each week. There have been people that turned down job offers in Santiago to instead get married and baptized, a young 10 year old that finally got permission from her non-member father, and countless stories of miraculously finding others to baptize. It's been such a great faith-building experience--especially because a month ago I was one of the people able to set this ridiculously high goal. I felt so strongly about it, and the hard work of our missionaries coupled with the Lord's mercy and power has led to daily miracles in our zone. I was even blessed to get to do many of the baptismal interviews. What marvelous a marvelous experience it is to privately talk with someone who has decided to get baptized.  Each time it reminds me of my dear friend Krysta and how amazed I am at her for so wisely choosing to get baptized (before I left for the mission).

Each sector in our zone had at least one baptism this past Saturday. We baptized Yesenia, a 22yr old that we have been teaching for about 2 months. All was perfect until we showed up to the chapel Saturday afternoon. The water that had filled the baptismal font was a disgusting brown/green. Ha. Sneeky Satan. With fervent prayers and insistance, the she was still baptized. Pictures to follow.
I hope you all watched that EXCELLENT broadcast from Provo for the new mission presidents!!! It was fantastic. The Lord really is hastening His work--BUT IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE MEMBERS. I loved Elder Russell Nelson's counsel that full-time missionaries only exist to ASSIST members in their missionary efforts. I also felt like Elder Boyd K Packer's address was somewhat of a farewell. What a powerful testimony he shared by saying, ''I know Christ lives. I know Christ.'' (Sé que Cristo vive. Lo conozco.)
As you have acted in faith with all of your prayers and fasting, the Lord will surely watch over us and my surgery. I loved Elder Neil L Anderson's quote from last night that, ''As we act in faith, we often find that the blessings we receive are much different than we expected but much better than we imagined.'' Tomorrow we'll be taking a leap of faith, but the Lord's arms are outstretched to catch us and guide us. I am absolutely certain that we can trust in Him.

All my love,

Elder Long :)

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