Saturday, May 11, 2013

Letter from Tanner May 6, 2013

Mis seres queridos,
What crazy and exciting news about preparing the house to be sold! I would personally prefer to come home to the same house because I sure loved that place, but I definitely understand. It will be in my prayers that Heavenly Father help you find a buyer. Lacey, send me some Canes!!!!! Ah man that made me so hungry to hear that you're working there hahaha. Have you mentioned to your boss or anything about what they did for me my senior year in high school? ha, good stuff :)
Quick news and updates: This week we had a pretty big storm roll through and we were left without water for two days and didn't see the sun for three days...haha. Woo! Our ''waterproof'' clothes stopped working after the first hour on the first day.... But I had fun convincing myself that I was the only person I knew that had survived a Chilean South American rainstorm ;) One night I even finally got to experience a little earth tremor! We were in the apartment chatting when the place started shaking haha. I thought it was so cool because I had never felt a legit tremor or earthquake before. Yeehaw!
Other awesome news: I get to skype you next Sunday!!! Yay having a wonderful mother with whom I can chat! To coordinate better than we did for Christmas, I'll be allowed to call you quickly sometime this week. A member down here has a google account from which I can call without spending tons of money, so be waiting for that (hopefully Wednesday). We have church early in the morning and then I can do it whenever during the day (plus we're supposedly 3 or 5 hours ahead...) so I'll give you a call so we can truly figure out the time change. Yay! Also, write down any questions you want to ask or stories you want to tell me!
This week we had a really difficult time with our investigators not progressing and/or mysteriously disappearing, but we did have an awesome experience Saturday evening. We had met with a member to accompany us to a lesson, but the investigator wasn't home (despite having a set appointment). Neither were our 4 backup plans... Ha. So my companion suggested we headed further up the mountain where an old investigator supposedly lived. Not home. With another 30 mins until our next appointment, we started heading further up the hill hoping to do some contacts. I commented to the member accompanying us that we would simply follow the Spirit since all our plans failed. We ended up getting lost because we had wandered into a zone we had never before walked. I stopped to ask a man that was cutting firewood in front of his house, and when we looked up, we recognized each other. It was Daniel, the miracle 50th mantacto from last week who hadn't told us where he lived because we had met in the house of his friend. The Spirit had guided us to his house in a sector we had never been to where his recently widowed mother told us she wants us to teach her too. We helped him finish cutting firewood, and their nextdoor neighbors commented how nice Mormons are and that they would like some help too. MIRACLE! I was so grateful that the Lord had guided us even when we didn't realize that that's what was happening. He sure knows better than we do ;) It's definitely easy to  say that this was a coincidence. My own brain tries to do that too. But I testify with surety that it was the Lord's plan to guide us to these two families. There are no coincidences--especially not with missionary work, the work of the Lord. I know He lives and directs His restored church to help us prepare ourselves for the day He comes again. All will know, and ALL will confess that He is the Christ.
Have a wonderful week. Love you! Talk to you SOON!
Elder Long :)

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