Monday, April 15, 2013

Hey fambam,

This week was a pretty emotionally taxing week, HOWEVER, we ended it with a splash! For the past month we´ve been working with Claudia, a 26 yr old that studies in Concepcion during the week and visits her family here in Chue on the weekends. It made teaching her a challenge, but she sure compensated! She amazed us with her strong desire to really study and learn. During the week she frequently visited and read and re-read pamphlets we gave her. She immediately accepted everything we taught her and told us she knew it was true. I was so bewildered by her rapid progress that I had to ask what on earth motivated her to listen to us and investigate so much in addition to her already extremely busy study schedule. She told us that about a year ago she had met with sister missionaries a few times and she loved it, but due to her college classes she was unable to keep meeting with them and they lost contact. When my companion and I came along, she had already decided to go through with it this time. Actually, I´m pretty sure I told you about her a few weeks ago--she was the young lady that we found 15 mins before curfew and attended church that next morning! She´s been a huge miracle, and I feel like it´s a direct blessing for having worked so hard for so long with little apparrant success. So the Lord blessed us with someone that we simply had to teach and she would do the rest. It´s been amazing! She asked me to baptize her and we had a fantastic baptismal service. It really strengthened my testimony that the Lord truly is preparing people for us. She brings me such great joy everytime we see her huge smile as she walks through the chapel doors as if she had been a member for years already. 

Quick random sidenote: Lacey and Bridgie, I have an assignment for you. I came across a song that I fell in love with, and I want to perform it with you two when I get back. It´s called ''Garden Walls'' by Mindy Gledhill. I love pretty much all of her songs, but this one just seems to speak to me. I want Bridgie to learn the violin part, Lacey can sing it, and when I come home I´ll learn the piano part. It´s suuuupppperrr wonderful. I´d love to perform it with you two in a sacrament meeting or somethin :)

Tyler and Ben, I´m sure you two would get a kick out of the video ''Pollito Pio'' by BloggerItalia. It´s a huge thing down here in Chile right now. Stinkin song gets stuck in your head so easily...haha.

Ok, back to spiritual stuff! I just want to quickly remind you that I know that this really is the restored church of Jesus Christ. I know He lives and directs His church through the modern prophet Thomas S. Monson. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and I´m so grateful for this marvelous opportunity to dedicate all my time to helping other people find out the truth for themselves too. Have a wonderful week!

Much love,

Elder Long :)

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