Sunday, August 5, 2012

MTC Week 1

First letter:

Mi familia,
I've survived my first day at the MTC, and the President advised is all to write home (which apparently we can only do on Tuesday and P-Days (fridays)). It feels so great to wear my name tag. I've waited 19 years for it! My companion is Elder Taylor Welker - a guy that lived across the sidewalk from me at BYU's Heritage Halls! We had hung out a few times because of mutual friends. Small world! He's a great guy and we should get along pretty well - as a revealed through simultaneously quoting "Nacho Libre". I was surprised how many people I knew up here! Our spanish teacher seems quirky but fun, and he didn't speak a lick of English to us the entire time. The spirit is so strong here! Especially when we sang "Army of Heleman": "We will be the Lord's missionaries to bring the world its truth." Those words had suck a greater impression on me despite the many times I've sung it. Well I need to iron some shirts and do homework. Take care!
Much love,
Elder Long

Second Letter:

If you want/are able to, can you type this up and add it to my blog as Part 2 of my email I sent today. I can't remember if I told you or not, but I'll be in the MTC until September 10th. You can post the address on this envelope for anyone who wants to send a letter rather than use
My district is a lot of fun. We have a red-headed Elder Schmidt who is, in fact, related to the pianist Jon Schmidt. I loooove learning spanish! It's so much fun to be able to understand another language. It will be even better when my vocabulary gets bugger an I can speak my mind better too. One of my teachers pointed out that we aren't here to become great spanish speakers, we're here to learn how to invite others unto Christ.
It's been fun to bump into some people I know here! I've gotten to see Landon Winitana, Corbin Byers, Kirsi Jarvis, Allyssa Elliott, Dallin Carlson, Sunny Lund, and several other friends from BYU. They're doing great and are so excited to serve!
I've been surprised at the high amount of disabled missionaries that are training here! Good for them! It's great to see that if you have the desire, our loving Heavenly Father will help you as He sees fit according to His plan for you. After all, He knows best. Pues tengo que estudiar con mi companero entonces podemos estar listos a ensenara Adan por la tarde.
Much love,
Elder Long
P.S. My spanish still has a ways to go...

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