Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Letter Feb. 24th 2014

Hey fambam! What a week. I don't know how many cliché times I've said that the mission is a daily rollercoaster, but it proves to be true rather frequently. However, I'd like to first share a scripture with you that has changed my outlook on life: ''And the man whose hair is fallen off his head, he is bald; yet is he clean'' (Leviticus 13:40). The Bible speaks the truth, my friends. Amen.

Earlier this week my dear old MTC companion, now the mission's AP, arrived with a special letter for me. It was my ''Trunky Letter'' to prepare to head home. What??? I wasn't expecting that for another few months. Ha. Ay ay ay.

This week Satan attacked HARD on our recent converts and our missionaries. One of the poor sister missionaries was hospitalized for back problems, and I've had the privilege to counsel with missionaries struggling with depression. It's a side of the mission no one really sees until they are in the mission. And I don't say these things as spoiler alerts, but rather as a reminder to pray fervently for these wonderful young people that choose to dedicate themselves to the Lord's service for two years despite our own imperfections. I've definitely already recognized that much of what I've experienced before has prepared me for what I need to accomplish now. I'm so grateful that the Lord invites us to humbly lay our problems before His feet so that, with His divine help, He can be our strength when our mortal strength is not enough. What a blessing to be able to rely on Him.

Satan always attacks what He knows will hurt his cause. For example, my companion and I had an idea on Thursday morning to watch ''The Testaments'' with one of our recent converts to strengthen her before she leaves for college. Some people would call our day's events ''Murphy's Law'' but we knew better. It was seemingly impossible to get keys for the chapel and get the movie working, but after much fervent prayer when God's power beat Satan's craftiness, we were able to watch the movie with her and several other members her age. The Spirit was INCREDIBLY STRONG. What a blessing to be able to renew that spiritual confirmation that all of this really is TRUE. The Holy Ghost testified so strongly to our hearts while we watched Christ's ministry in the old world as well as His visit to the Americas. I know that the Lord lives and that He loves us so much. I know that He has done and will do everything to give us every opportunity to repent and come unto Him. I love Him and love the opportunity to serve Him and His children here in Chile. Have a wonderful week!

Elder Long :)

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