Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Letter June 3, 2013

Howdy hey loved ones :) I don't have any super exciting stories for this week unfortunately, but there were enough questions about Operation Alma that I can talk about that for a bit. But other important things first:
Lacey and Tyler, happy birthday!!!! I wish I could celebrate with you, but the good news is we have years ahead of us to do so. Do you think we'll still celebrate some type of birthday when we're in heaven? --maybe even celebrate our death because we returned to the presence of God? No sé! But I hope it's been a good one! You two are so stinkin old!!! Behave yourselves and please be verrrryyy careful while you drive! Love you :)
As far as Operation Alma: We have always worked according to sectors within each city. In these small towns in Chile (each one separated by about 45 mins) we have 4 missionaries and divide the town in half. Each companionship has their own set of investigators, less actives, and recent converts and has to plan their day and use their time accordingly. However, Operation Alma erases all boarders and we now work as one team in the entire city. Now, one companionship works 100% with only investigators and coordinates with members to have them accompany them for lessons, and the other companionship works 100% with inactives and recent converts. Immediate results that we saw this past week: We never had more than 9 lessons with a member present each week for the past 3 months; This week Elder París and I worked extremely hard to put into affect this new plan, and we ended with 21 lessons with a member present. Boo ya. We feel great despite how exhausting it has been. We expect that as we continue with Operation Alma, the members will become more excited to accompany us, inactives will become reactivated, and our number of mensual baptisms will increase as well. We're excited!
It's been a difficult change (not to mention that it rained all day every day all week!), but things will get more fluid soon. Keep on with the work in your own respective wards! There is a common and major error in Mormon culture that ''missionary work'' is for young men and young women ages 19-21. Missionary work really doesn't exist. It's the Lord's work, and He commands that all of His children actively participate.

Have a wonderful week! Love you!
Elder Long :)

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