Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in Chile!


So while my companion is skyping his family, I have a little bit of time to still email for all of you that I won´t get to skype!  This week has been absolutely insane with how busy it´s been, but it ended so wonderfully! Monday we had a fun zone activity where we ate delicious completos (giant hot dogs with all kinds of toppings) and then watched Home Alone and had a gift exchange. I got a hat that says Chile. On Tuesday I was on an intercambio, Wednesday we traveled 3 hours to Temuco for our Christmas Conference with the President, and Thursday and Friday I was on another two day intercambio in a different sector. The Christmas conference was fantastic, and we had a fun slideshow. I got a copy of it, so we´ll be able to watch it someday together haha. Eventhough it will just be a bunch of pictures of people you don´t know. 

Anyways, after an insane week, we had a beautiful baptism of Claudio Jr and Rosa Vasquez. Claudio is the son of the family that we baptized a month ago, but he had been living in Conce to play soccer for the University of Concepción. He´s awesome. I definitely see him as a missionary pronto (he´s only 20 yrs old). We also baptized 80 yr old Rosa. She was pretty afraid to go under the water, but Mario eventually got her under. Poor sweet little lady haha. What was absolutely fantastic was that their next door neighbors came! They are another family of 5 with whom we´ve been working, and they are sooooo close to getting baptized! The mother and 3 kids are solid, but we just need to reach the heart of the father. But all 5 of them came, and it was awesome! Afterwards we went back to Claudio´s house with everyone for refreshments (I´ll explain the difference between Chilean refreshments and American refreshments during skype). We all sat and talked and had just a simple but wonderful time. It´s moments like those that make life beautiful and worth it. Sitting in a small room filled with recent converts and investigators. It was marvelous. What I loved most was getting to listen to them bear their testimonies to their neighbors (and us). The Sandoval-Zapata family is excellent. So golden. They´ve gone through many trials this year, but  it was all in the wisdom of the Lord to prepare them to receive the Restored Gospel.

This Christmas, I was able to be a tool in the hands of the Lord to give him the gift of two redeemed souls. What a blessing. In reality, it´s all we can ever give to the Lord. Everything is already all His; the only thing He doesn´t have posession over is our souls/agency. Thus, what else do you plan on giving Him this Christmas? How great shall be our joy if we can give not just our own, but many souls unto the Lord. 

Merry Christmas, have a wonderful week :)

All my love,

Elder Long :)

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